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Services Offered:

  • Construction Crane – Panels and steel erection.
  • Mancages
  • Residential Projects
  • Roof Placement
  • Spas, Pianos, furniture etc.

Cranes Available

Mobile Cranes Boom Length Fly Length
1 ton 17.6m main  
5 ton 21m main  
10 ton 23.2m main 2.8m
12 ton 23.8m main 3.6m/5.5m
16 ton 27.5m main 3.8m
20 ton 31m main  
30 ton 33m main 8.5m/14.5m
60 ton 48.5m main  
80 ton 48.5m main 9m/15m

U-Drive crane hire available

*Please Note: Hire condition – Class 2 License Required
U-Drive Cranes

Mobile Cranes         Up to 21m main Truck Mounted

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